In both winter and summer, velvet has established itself as the star fabric in interior decoration.

The warmth and softness of this material has once again seduced many of the decorators and interior designers and with a new look more delicate and modern, has reconquered the upholstery of sofas, armchairs and chairs, as well as decorative elements.

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Velvet has been a lifelong symbol of wealth or status. In fact, it is often still associated with the classic style. Something unthinkable until years ago how to find upholstered velvet pieces in environments of less classic styles, now it is normalized, and we find the contrast as a unique sign of identity and that certainly is marking trend. Its softness, brightness and texture has managed to fit into environments of the most varied beyond the classics and in fact today it is perfectly compatible with contemporary styles.

It’s a very usable material to wear the home. The softness and beauty of this fabric can give a very modern air while elegant and sophisticated to the space dressed.

Regarding colours, there are those who prefer to use those that are trend and there are those who prefer to use them in relation to the season. In winter, we used more neutral colours such as whites, creams, greys, browns… and in spring and other warmer seasons we use more cheerful colours such as yellows, oranges, blue tones…

One of the latest trends that highlight all the magazines are the pink and bluish tones. Who said the bright colours were only for the summer? The colours are also for winter, as much as for summer. What better way to give life to a home in the greyest time of the year with bright colours? terciopelo lastdeco web

As for textures, we can choose from several: plain, Chesterfield upholstery and furry fabric.

The chesterfield upholstery is a classic upholstery technique that is living a second youth. Lately we can see this texture in furniture in countless places, especially in restaurants that opt for a vintage and industrial decoration.

It’s also very common the plain upholstery that adapts to any type of decoration, as well as fake fur luxury fabric that chooses to contribute a more modern and eclectic touch to the environment.