How to improve the lighting of a commercial space?

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Good weather arrived and the appearance of homes and commercial spaces changes and we dress them for the new summer age. Brightness and comfort become the protagonists of all rooms. Therefore, lighting becomes a fundamental factor in decoration.

A correct balance between type and quantity of light will make it possible to intensify the value of the decorative elements. And to do this, it is essential to control both natural and artificial light in order to properly illuminate the spaces or to dim them in the necessary cases.

Lastdeco estilo industrial

For cases where we want to illuminate more, one key is to use the white color. Any shade of white conveys peace and tranquility, while bringing luminosity to any room. In addition, this color is always trendy and can be combined with any type of furniture, style and decorative trend.

Another technique is the use of mirrors, very useful in the lighting of spaces. Mirrors are very powerful decorative elements, as they capture light and not only reflect it throughout the room, but also increase their projection. If they are located in front of the light entrance, the sun will make the way back and forth, and will result in greater illumination to the small spaces to turn them into larger spaces.

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Covering windows with textiles or curtains is usually another common mistake we tend to make. If we want to increase the lighting, it is advisable to avoid this decorative element to allow as much natural light to pass through. However, in the event that the use of curtains is necessary, it is preferable to opt for light colors so as not to saturate the environment.

Depending on the type of light we use we can create different types of environments. The use of warm light helps to create comfortable and welcoming environments. This light is usually used for spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, hotels, etc. However, if we use more neutral or whiter lights we will create more stimulating environments such as offices, offices or clinics. The type of light we see always influences our perception of environments.