New Lastdeco showroom

new lastdeco showroom

LASTDECO opens a 500m² showroom available to trade professionals all year round.

new lastdeco showroom


In the face of an exceptional situation that has changed the way that new lines are launched by furniture and interior design firms over the course of the year, LASTDECO has taken the extra step of opening a custom-made space covering almost 500m² available all year round for clients looking to discover, feel and experience every one of the exclusive pieces in a permanent exhibition.

Privacy, personal attention and a space to allow pieces their fullest expression, these were the objectives underpinning the furniture and contract interior design company’s decision to develop this new space. It allows LASTDECO to continue showing all its pieces and new items at a time when the sector as a whole has been forced to adjust its strategy.

Located at the Vical headquarters at Ollería (Valencia), it is an ample, translucent space, that allows products to be displayed at their best, in an environment and atmosphere that provide an all-round experience.

Although this new Vical showroom will be revamped twice a year to reflect the different seasons (in January and September), new items will be included promptly, naturally and flexibly throughout the year so as to constantly display the latest trends.

This is a new concept of showroom, more than a traditional display hall, it is rather a living extension of the brand as it continues to transform and renew itself at every stage of its journey, a space to enjoy the full lASTDECO experience.

showroom lastdeco