Industrial style is trending again and comes more welcoming than ever.
It was trend a while ago, and it has come back now more strongly to reinvent and adapt itself to the most exclusive interiors. The industrial is trendy, both to decorate our homes as well as bars and offices.

More and more designers and interior designers are opting to apply this style in their decorations to turn any room into an original and exclusive space. But where does this trend come from? Its origins date back to the 50s, when many industrial facilities of New York City had to close due to the crisis, so they were converted into homes.

Industrial style is characterized by open concept spaces, where the divisions hardly exist and where the decoration remains very basic. Its most distinctive feature is the selection of materials and the feeling of being in a free and wide space.

How to achieve it? We reveal the 5 basic pillars of the industrial style:

Bare walls

One of the most important tips on this style are the walls. They should have an unfinished look, either with bricks, rough appearance or unpolished. Bare walls have their own personality.

But if it’s difficult to reach, there are also many types of wall papers that perfectly imitates this effect and which will give your wall a real industrial look.

Open spaces, structures at sight

Wide and open concept spaces are the key in the industrial decoration. One of the main characteristics used by the designers are the bare structures. High ceilings with beams at sight are trend in this style, as well as the visibility of cables and piping’s.

Wood and metal furniture

Wood has an important role in the industrial decoration as it adds the warmness and naturality needed in cold environments due to the use of metal. You can include wood by mixing this two materials in chairs, bookcases, desk and chairs.

Steel, Iron, and basically the use of metals is essential. Metal and wood are the perfect combination to create an industrial style.

Neutral colors

The color pallet that best fits into this style are the neutral colors: whites, blacks, grays, browns and we could also include traces of blues. But above all, grey is the star.


Minimalist Décor

The most important rule which should never be broken when using industrial style is: the right use of the space.

The idea is to correctly choose the decorative complements and combine them to create a balanced environment based in the simplicity of this style.