Benefits of a Slow house

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“Slow”, is actually what Slow Deco means. It is trying to convert your house into a slow space, where you can disconnect and live with calm. It is not a type of furniture or an aesthetic trend, but a lifestyle. Living in a Slow Home makes you feel better and reconnect with your true needs.

Would you like to discover this lifestyle? We give you all the tips to turn your house into a slow house and decorate it with calm and harmony!

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Materials and colors for Slow Deco

Slow decoration seeks decorative simplicity, harmony between spaces and the decoration as a whole. This is why it is very similar to the Nordic style: natural woods, neutral colors. The color palette is a very soft palette dominated by whites and beiges.

Even though, Slow Deco has another great ally: blue. Blue is a color that transmits calm, relax and empathy, it is a color that goes with the entire Slow Deco philosophy.

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Among all the Slow Deco materials, we can stand out light-colored wood, natural fibers and, specially, noble materials.

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Natural textiles for the Slow Deco

Textiles are a must in slow decoration, whether blankets, plaids, cushions, bedding …
A slow house should breathe simplicity and calm. With the help of these accessories you contribute to achieving this Slow atmosphere.

It is very important not to overload the spaces and have the necessary objects to give way to order, relax and calm.

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Simple and functional spaces

In this lifestyle, it is important to have simple and functional spaces. For this we have to achieve diaphanous and communicated spaces in which the transition from one area to another of the house is open and natural. This union stimulates the relation between the members of the house.

It is also advisable to take care of the transition between the interior and exterior, which is communicated and free, connected with the vegetation and nature outside. This favors well-being and inner tranquility.

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Relax corner

A slow house should have a relaxing corner “pause mode” where you can rest and slow down from the rhythm of day to day. Choose an armchair or sofa that invites you to sit down and surround it with cushions, some plaid, a seedling and a book.

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The kitchen is important

The kitchen becomes an important place in a slow house since it is not only a room to cook, but it is a space where relationships are shared with the relatives of the house.

In the world of gastronomy, Slow Food, initiated by Carlo Petrini, has also triumphed. The natural and seasonal foods that we collect ourselves in a small urban garden are the basis of this movement.



The bedroom, your private place

Make your bedroom your private place to relax.
The bedroom should be a place without noise, with a warm light that invites calm. For this, we recommend to use furniture made of natural woods or neutral colors such as beige, pickled whites, cream colors … you can also combined them with a mirror and plants.

Although all the lightning has to be warm, you have to flee from the white lights for rest areas.