Embossment style


¿Would you like to use embossments technique? We tell you how to do it!

Embossment is a craft technique that consists of the work of metal or aluminium sheets to obtain an embossed figure on the piece to which we apply it. This work has a long cultural tradition and although initially used to decorate small objects, today is used for decorating all kinds of furniture for your home.

Cupboards, mirrors, chest of drawers, bedside tables, TV furniture… all of them decorated with this technique manage to bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the home that is not achieved with other decoration techniques.  The result is of enormous authenticity and distinction.

Then, we tell you the keys you need to know to get an elegant and classic space applying this decorative technique:

          If you want your home to have an elegant and artisan style do not hesitate to use furniture with embossments. Due to its artisanal manufacture the piece has a unique and differentiated character.

          It is necessary to try that the furniture of the surrounding does not have much protagonist to avoid overloading the space and not to see it very saturated. Embossed Furniture has a lot of prominence and if we overload with other very striking furniture, we can saturate the stay.

          Embossed style is an ideal style for houses with classic and elegant style as it combines very well with antique furniture. You can combine them perfectly to achieve a very creative decoration.

Now, do you dare with the embossment?