Do you know the KITSCH STYLE?

Started in Munich, between 1860 & 1870. It could be defined as an appeal to bright colours, shapes and elements … a style opposite to minimalism.  In this style there is no surplus, and everything is valid. It’s a question of innovating and have the courage to combine and experiment the vitality, mixing colours without apparent order and using all kind of textures.

Colours as bright pink, sky blue, green apple and red are the most representative on this style. Combinations on textiles and walls with all type of materials, we could say it’s an explosion of colour.

Decorative objects are based in not very functional designs and imitations. Kitsch style is not very elegant but tends into the modern and avant-garde.

The kitsch style is colourful and funny, it allows you to concentrate in the same space decorative elements very different and of a wide range of colours.

It’s true that many designers have defined this style tasteless, but more often people are using it to decorate their homes.