Opinion of our decorator, Antonio Garcia, about Nordic style.

nordic style

What began as a breath of fresh air in the northern countries has become a decorative blizzard that has covered everything in white, light, and natural materials. We are talking about the Nordic style, the eternally fashionable decorative style.

“I like to decorate a house with this style especially by the luminosity and simplicity of the pieces,” says our decorator Antonio. This style is characteristic in the countries of the north to combat the lack of natural light and to achieve more comfortable and cosy homes to shelter during the long Scandinavian winters. As our decorator says, “The most important thing is to use very natural materials and clear tones that help to create bright and relaxed environments.”

White colour is the best colour in this type of environments. “You have to use natural tones, neutral and simple tones,” says Antonio, as one of the advantages of decorating with this style is that it brings a lot of luminosity and a sense of space, so you don’t need the spaces to be wide.

 According to Antonio, “This style is very easy to combine as it always accepts other decorative pieces due to the simplicity of the furniture”. It is very typical the use of wood in the decoration as in the furniture, but also can be combined with furniture mixed with metal, geometric lines and lines not so straight and simple to create good contrasts.

Another key that Antonio gives us for this style is “nature as a decorative resource”. The use of natural materials such as linen, cotton, wool… are essential to bring warmth and comfort to this style. In addition, the use of plants gives also a very natural and fresh touch to the environment.

In short, “It is a very simple and pleasant style that can be used to decorate any home as it does not require bigger or special spaces.”