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The Art Deco style was born in the period between the first and the Second World War and is now on trend again. We could define this style in 3 words: glamour, equilibrium, luminosity.

In front of the simplicity of the furniture of the 1st World War, the Art deco leaves aside the simplicity and what is intended with this style is to emphasize. The use of brightness, colours, new materials often in bright finishes, are the basis of this style.

What determines the Art Deco is an atmosphere with a vision of elegant, comfortable and modern decor.

We help you how to achieve the decoration of a home with this style:



The real protagonists of this style are the lamps. These are the main elements as they provide the main point for this style: light.

But we are not referring to any lamp, but to big and extravagant lamps that do not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, the favourite colours will be silver and gold.

Lighting is a way of showing style and distinction and is a key point to consider for an Art Deco style.



The main materials used in this style are velvet, carpets, stainless steel, aluminium, marble and any other material that stands out for its innovation and elegance.

The use of mirrors in the decoration is also very common as it brings a lot of luminosity.

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We must choose furniture with curved corners and wavy but simple, with bright lacquers, that have a modern appearance but also maintain a classic and elegant style. Mirrored furniture is the most widely used.

The trick of this type of decoration is that the focal point is found in the furniture and the elements, not on the walls. Therefore, the most advisable for this style are the white walls.

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Decorative elements

Among the decorative elements is common to find all kinds of modern pieces. The most typical motifs are feathers, geometric shapes, and animal figures such as deer or peacocks. The big mirrors with golden frames can’t be missed as well as the bronze sculptures.

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