¡Christmas tables by Lasteco!

mesa navideña

Once upon a time there was the magic of traditional Christmas. The one in which there is no shortage of red and ornaments of all life, which achieve cosy and appetizing environments.

Besides this traditional decor, we bet on something different from a special touch to the home. If you want to decorate the most authentic homes, take note of the keys that we propose.


The golden colour is already known as a Christmas classic that is present in all the decorations. Decorating the Christmas table with golden tones, as well as the crockery and glassware give an elegant touch to the ambience.

The red tones are also a must currently of year. Without overloading, you can add some touches to bring luminosity and colour.

To gain naturalness, it is never too much to adorn the environment with natural elements such as plants, green tree leaf, pineapples or other decorative elements characteristic of the holiday festivities.

mesa navideña roja



We propose a different decoration to the traditional one with a combination of roses, creams and whites. Romanticism, elegance and sophistication unite to create relaxing and stylish atmospheres.

Fleeing the golden colour as a Christmas classic, this time we bet on warmer and natural colours that bring serenity to the home. Simple and luminous, this is our proposal for the most natural Christmas.

Candles are always very cosy decorative elements. How can something so small create so much atmosphere? That’s right. The candles always manage to create relaxed and cosy atmospheres with their warmth. You can bet on different types of candles of different sizes, but always inside the palette of clear colours not to break with the shades of the decor and not create great contrasts.

mesa navideña rosa


mesa rosa lastdeco



Would you like to have a table totally different from the others?

It bets on non-traditional colours, by different tablecloths that create contrasts, by the mixture of elements.

It combines different table linen: it is perfect to dress the table with a longer base and a shorter one on top or roads. But if you have a nice wooden table, why cover it? Let her beauty decorate by herself.

In Lastdeco we have created our own table full of trend. We have blended traditional elements such as candles and floral ornaments with non-traditional ones such as velvet chairs and armchairs of varying colours on a table contrasted in black and gold.

Our goal: Do not leave anyone indifferent this Christmas!

From LASTDECO We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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