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Cosy, romantic and with a lot of wonderful corners that are waiting to be discovered. This is french Provence, a corner of France that Will in love you with its landscapes, medieval streets and decorated houses with its own style: the Provençal style.

estilo provenzal lastdeco

It’s a very cosy current, not only in rustuc environments and country houses, but also in other types of city spaces. It’s about Provençal style we are talking: light, little complicated and versatile.

Provençal style is feed from other styles as vintage, shabby chic or classic. Maybe because of its simple environments soft and simple, the Provence houses become very cosy and comfortable, a sensation very appreciated by everyone. Having this a lot to do with the use of colours and natural materials.



The favourite color palette in Provencal interiors is White: off White, yellowish whites, ecru… The entire range ins present in its spaces.

Intense colours are not welcome in this style. They’re hardly used. Other colours are also used, but in gentle touches and always in their soften tonalities: yellows, sands, nudes, pinks, greys…

estilo provenzal lastdeco


Usually Provençal furniture is big, strong, with volumen and clean shapes, made from natural Woods and mostly with worn and distressed effects.

Provençal style prefers simple furniture to decorate the environments. In fact, rooms full of furniture and decoration are not welcome on this style.

To recreate this style we should use Wood or iron furniture with a rustic touch. Iron furniture’s gives a romantic touch, that suits perfectly well in this interiors.

As for the antiques, they are perfect for Provençal style houses. Look for small but authentic pieces that bring charm to the environments. It is the charm of inheritance pieces, antiquities, of the authenticity of a piece that, being handmade, is unique.
lastdeco estilo provenzal


Nature is a must in this style. You can’t miss bouquets or flowers in large and suggestive vases, climbing plants along outdoor walls, plants near the entrance of houses…

Lavender is the essential flower of this style.

estilo provenzal
Do you dare to use this style in your projects?