light in living room

Depending on the type of light we use we can create different types of environments. The use of warm light helps to create comfortable and welcoming environments. On the other hand, if we use more neutral or whiter lights we will create more stimulating environments. The type of light we see always influences our perception of environments.

Bright bedroom

A correct balance between type and quantity of light will make it possible to intensify the value of the decorative elements. And to do this, it is essential to control both natural and artificial light in order to properly illuminate the spaces or to dim them in the necessary cases.


The combination of natural wood with velvet is always a success for living environments. Velvet is not out of fashion and more and more people join to use this material in interior design. Do you dare?

Brightness and comfort

With the arrival of good weather the appearance of homes and commercial spaces, changes and we dress them for the new summer age. Brightness and comfort become the protagonists of all rooms. Therefore, lighting becomes a fundamental factor in decoration.

Sophisticated environments for exclusive spaces

The warmth offered by wood along with the exclusivity of velvet and the personality of metal result in sophisticated environments for exclusive spaces.

Velvet with metal

Winter arrives and at Lastdeco we have the perfect combination: metal and velvet. You will get a cozy and glamorous atmosphere.

Gold doesn't go out of style

We are glad to introduce you the new GOLD collection, a collection of accessoires and metal decoration with gold tones, perfect to combine with an autumn interior design. Gold colour doesn't go out of style and more designers are joining to use this colour in the decoration. Do you dare?


The most important thing in a bedroom is to breathe tranquility and warmth. The use of materials such as velvet will help to create this relaxed atmosphere.


Who said velvet is only for winter? Velvet is valid for winter as for summer. Its modern texture and its bright colours are always a winner that will give live to your projects.


Velvet never goes out of style, and it’s one of the fabrics more used when trying to achieve a warm and relaxing environment. Dress your projects with velvet furniture !!


Industrial furniture is ideal to take advantage of the space and, in addition, they combine perfectly with other styles. Look how good our Sligo collection is with a vintage watch and Provencal vases!


kitchens are usually open spaces that communicate with other environments, such as the dining room. Eliminating barriers favors communication and family relationships, as open kitchens invite the rest of the family to approach.

Industrial style in LASTDECO brand

Industrial style is perfect for people who want to join with small spaces to create a unique decoration

Your ideal bedroom

How to get a perfect bedroom? How to make it look cozy and luminous? We will always get more amplitude using clear tones and avoiding intense colors. In addition, we can incorporate table lamps that will create an atmosphere of peace and can serve us for reading nights

Atumn decoration

We are glad to introduce you our selection of autumnal products that will be the perfect match to dress up your projects when the cold weather arrives . Furniture, decoration and accessories with warm colours, typical of this time of the year.

Vintage style

Choose the piece that fits better in your favorite corner and add that touch of color and naturalness to any stay in your home.

A reading corner

Can there be something more comforting than reading your favorite novel in your favorite corner? If you have enough space you can consider recreating a small library. If not, do not worry, it is simply to find an area with lots of light that is comfortable for you where you can install at least a small sofa.

Mustard-coloured touches

Booking the mustard color for certain decorating pieces is always a success. You will enjoy small brushstrokes of this energetic and luminous color that breaks with the monochrome, but does not become a risky or striking bet

Your ideal Office

You can give your office a trendy and naturalness touch if you use furniture combining wood and metal

A different hall

The first impression is the one that counts, so it is so important the aspect of the receiver. That's why it must be warm nice and cozy. With a classic and detailed decoration you will get your guests feel that you receive them with open arms

Embossed furniture for your home

We combine the embossed furniture with this mustard armchair and... voilà! A warm and luminous hall that invites us to stay

The blue is also for the winter

In its deeper shades and with the presence of gray it becomes a cozy, serene color that invites the gathering. In short, an ally for the winter.

Velvet stools

Velvet is a very useful material to warm up a home. We can use it for decorative objects as well as for furniture. One of our flagship products this season are the velvet stools. They can be used as seats, as well as side decorative tables or even use them as tables.


What better for this time of year than decoration and velvet furnishings? One of the star materials in the decoration of homes capable to provide a very fashionable classic point is velvet. We can find it in cushions, headboards, blankets… but also in furniture upholstered. It’s a very usable material to wear the home.


Velvet may be used for decorative products but also for furniture upholstery. The softness and beauty of this product gives an space a modern touch at the same time than an elegant and sophisticated.


To achieve an industrial decoration it is very important not to break the main rule: the good use of space. The idea is to know how to choose the decorative objects very well and combine them to achieve a coherent and harmonious environment based on the simplicity of the style

Art deco home

Glamour, equilibrium, luminosity... ART Deco! Elegant, comfortable and modern decor. In our blog we tell you all the keys to get this style!


The industrial style never goes out of fashion. Decorate your home with industrial style furniture and give it a fresh and modern touch.

Exclusivity at your fingertips

The combination of wood and metal is always a success in the decoration. Try combining these two materials and you will get unique results.

Wood and metal: perfect combination

Metal and Wood are perfect allies to bring warmth and comfort to any corner of a home. Try to combine these two materials and you will achieve very good results.

Vintage style

Today the vintage style is more fashionable than ever. To get a home 100% vintage with colours and furniture is not enough; Accessories such as lamps are essential to create the desired environment.

Nordic decor

Nordic décor is becoming more and more present because it's a very cozy and simple style, but at the same time with a lot of character. To achieve this type of decoration you have to enhance the light in the environment and use neutral and warm colors in the furniture.


Feel comfortable in your living room decorated with simple elements but with personality. You can also add a touch of color with some decorative elements such as cushions, vases, lamps...

A very comfortable living room

It is very important that the living room is our favorite place in the house in which to feel relaxed and calm. Clear colors will help transmit this peace and tranquility you need!

Practical and natural

If you organize a space, regardless of size, you can get the most out of it. If there is no furniture, you can opt for putting a coat rack, vases, baskets, decorative boxes or even some plant.


We know how important it is to make a good first impression with our hall. The details of this space should be taken care of as much as it will mark the style of the rest of the house


The industrial style is one of the most appealing to decorate both homes and businesses. How about some industrial-style stools for your gastrobar? We have all shapes, colors, materials. Choose the one that best suits your space!


More and more designers and interior designers are opting to apply this style in their decorations to turn any room into an original and exclusive space. The use of warm colors such as white, black, grey, even blue tones are fundamental in these environments.


The wood is a fundamental element in the decoration of the industrial style because it provides the warmth and naturalness necessary to compensate the cold environment that the metal provides. A tip is to include wood mixing it with metal in items such as tables, shelves, desks or chairs.


The industrial style it’s here to stay. It was trend a while ago, and it has come back now more strongly to reinvent and adapt itself to the most exclusive interiors. The industrial is trendy, both to decorate our homes as well as bars and offices.

Embossing technique with golden colour

Wardrobes, mirrors, chest of drawers... all kinds of pieces that are decorated with the embossing technique bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the home that is not achieved with other decorating techniques. The result is of great authenticity and distinction!

Spring colours

With the arrival of good weather we want to dress the homes according to this time of year. Vivid colours such as yellow and floral prints will help us bring freshness to the home.