Curved furniture has always been in fashion, but in the last few months it has become a viral trend that leaves classic minimalism aside and brings tranquillity, warmth and light.

The Bold trend is here to stay and is set to mark a before and after in the world of interior design, both through furniture and small decorative objects that will conquer any space. It all started after a tough 2020, a year in which we had to face the harsh realities of our homes. Following these months, decorators and interior designers had it clear: it was time to opt for a cosy, warm style of home, one that was more natural and delicate.

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The Bold trend in decoration

This trend is all about using curved furniture or decorative curved objects, leaving aside the straight edges of classic minimalism. We all wonder why curves have triumphed since the pandemic began; and the answer lies in the sensations generated by such curves.

Curves create a sense of protection, tranquillity, gentleness and encourage the flow of the space, making it appear larger and at the same time softening the room. This is nothing new, as curved furniture has always been around, and even feng shui style has mentioned the value of curves in decoration. Today, however, curves are used everywhere and the more curves in the same space, the better.

How to achieve a Bold style

The best way to achieve a Bold look in a room’s décor is to opt for curved furniture as the centrepiece.

Side tables, armchairs or smaller seats, cushions, vases and lamps are all elements we can use to introduce curves. It is not so much a question of patterns or motifs, but of volumes that provide sinuosity.

Armchairs are one of the most sought-after curvy pieces on social media. They come in many colours, the most daring, the simplest, in velvet, in cotton bouclé…

Sofas are yet another more daring option for incorporating curves, but also one of the best if you arrange them well. They come in an assortment of sizes, styles and materials, ranging from more to less pronounced curves.

Lamps featuring cylinder shades or rounded bases also fit in very well with the Bold trend.

When it comes to decorative accents, vases are the easiest objects to incorporate curves with, especially now that there are so many of them available in line with the curvy trend.