Estilo nórdico Lastdeco dormitorio

Are you passionated of the nordic style? We will suggest you how to decorate anything you want with this style!

Estilo nórdico Lastdeco

The nordic style is characterized by a simple decoration, simple furniture and warm materials providing warm to the large room.

This kind of decoration is each time more present because it is a highly simple and cosy style, but with a strong character, really typical from the northern countries in Europe.

These are some of the keys to obtain a Scandinavian decoration:

The importance of light

The clarity is highly important in this multidisciplinar style.

To benefit from the natural light and disrigard the use of curtains or use light fabrics that allows  the light to go throught and help creating more cheerful and lightful spaces.

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White colour is essential

The white colour is used on walls, furniture, decoration and even sometimes on the roof. It is the best colour. However you may combine this colour with other more neutral or clair such as beige, grey, pastel… The limited hours of light in these zones where the nordic style is born, creates the necessity of lightful spaces. This is why  it is important to use neutral and light tonalities that help to stress the feeling of light.

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The warm of the wood

The nordic decoration brings out by the use of natural materials such as the wool, cotton, rattan or the wood. The wood, essential material, is really used not only on the roof or walls but aswell in furnitures and decoration objects.

The use of floorboards and parquet flooring is really typical.

The use of furniture and wood decorative objects give a warm touch to the room creating more cosy and vivid atmospheres.

Dormitorio nórdico lastdeco

About the furniture

The spaces bring out by a clear look and minimalist tendency. As we have said, wood furniture are the most used to bring warmth. The use of furniture with simplist lines, natural and soft colours such as brown, pastel or even some green and clair blue is a common fact.


Natural decorative objects

Natural elements such as pineapples, logs and branches with a winter character are a must in the nordic decoration.

The use of plants contributes to give a really natural and fresh touch to the ambience.

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