Hygge: keys to achieving happiness

Dormitorio Hygge lastdeco

What is this Hygge that everyone’s talking about? Well, it’s nothing more and nothing less than the secret to Danish happiness that’s found in the little things. Let’s discover them!


What is Hygge?

Although the term Hygge has no translation as such, it means something like “things that make you feel good or at ease.” ‘Hygge’ isn’t just a concept: it’s an attitude, a place, a way of life. And how can we make our house more ‘hygge’? By taking care of all the little details, filling it with warmth and pampering it so that it can pamper us.


How to bring the Hygge movement into the home

To find the secret of happiness that the Danes talk about so much, you have to start by finding moments of relaxation and pampering far from your daily obligations. To do this, it’s important to find corners of the house that encourage rest, pampering and relaxation.

Here are some ways to achieve it!

Create your relaxation corner
A corner in which comfort and rest come first. Put in a comfortable sofa with lots of cushions, a book, and accompany it with natural. cosy plant decoration beside the window.

Warm lighting is key in Hygge spaces
Use above all warm lights and candles, lots of candles! They’ll help create a relaxing and very warm atmosphere.

Warm textiles are essential in a Hygge house
Choose soft, fluffy textiles such as fur blankets, woollen cushions… Although smooth never fails, prints are allowed, too.

Add warmth with wooden furniture
Natural materials are best when creating a Hygge atmosphere. Use natural wood furniture combined with neutral colours to guarantee success.

Create Hygge moments
Undoubtedly, the most important thing in bringing this movement into your home is to create that moment of happiness.

Dormitorio Hygge lastdeco

Disconnect your mobile, forget rushing about, do everything calmly, relax… Meet up with your friends or your family and create fantastic memories. Or just light some candles, sit in the most comfortable spot in your house and enjoy a good book.

You’ve now immersed yourself in the Hygge movement!