Bouclé decoration

One of the materials that has burst onto the scene is bouclé fabric made of yarn with knots. This thick fabric has become a must-have in a house’s textiles and furniture.

The word Bouclé comes from French and means “curly.” It was so-called because of its finish. It’s a soft, silky material with hardly any wrinkles.

Bouclé is characterised by an irregular surface made of yarn with knots. Furniture upholstered in bouclé offers warmth and comfort wherever they are located. They are also very versatile since they go very well with materials such as natural wood or fabrics in other colours. 

Bouclé mixed with golden colours is one of those perfect combinations that achieve a sophisticated and elegant look.

In recent years, copper and rose gold have been the colours that have most dominated the world of decoration. Now the trend is towards a more golden touch; indeed, it’s the most desired tone this season. The sophisticated gold colour mixed withbouclé fabricwill lend any space a highly innovative touch.